Posted December 17, 2013

Venomous Snake Bites Fan at Franklin Templeton Shootout

Water Moccasin, Zurich Classic

An official removes a water moccasin from the course at the 2012 Zurich Classic. (John Korduner/Icon SMI)

A snake briefly stole the show at the Franklin Templeton Shootout.

A woman spectator was bit by what authorities believe was a water moccasin while watching the exhibition event at Tiburon Golf Club on Saturday, according to a story on

The woman felt something bite her leg and looked down to see a thick, coiled snake about two and a half feet long, black with gray markings.

However, an examination later revealed the bite was “dry,” meaning no venom was injected, North Naples fire Capt. Chuck Bacon said.

The woman, whose name was not immediately available, was walking on a path toward the grandstand at the Tiburon Golf Club around noon when she was bit.

“She felt something hit her leg. She wasn’t sure what it was,” Bacon said. “She looked down and a snake was sitting there coiled.”

Bacon said the snake, which quickly slithered into the water, was most likely a venomous water moccasin.

The woman had puncture wounds on her calf and was treated at a nearby hospital and released.

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The snake in the picture, was "NOT" a water moccasin!!


It sounds like it was a love bite...


That was one courteous snake.


Cameron, why don't you just post a pic of any kind of snake on a golf course?

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