Posted December 21, 2013

Actor Shia LaBeouf Recycles Tiger Woods’ 2009 Apology Speech

Shia LaBeouf

(Credit: Joel Ryan/AP)

Jordan Zakarin of has the lowdown on how actor Shia LaBeouf apparently used other writers’ work for his new short film and his comic books.

Even stranger: LaBeouf, in his apology, seems to have pulled a page from the play book of Tiger Woods.

First, the basics from Buzzfeed:

The actor apologized early Tuesday morning for the fact that his new short film,, was lifted, nearly word for word, from a comic by the famed artist-screenwriter Daniel Clowes; as first reported by BuzzFeed, Clowes had no idea that LaBeouf took his work, and is now pursuing his legal options in response. Now, an analysis of segments of comic books written and drawn by LaBeouf reveal that he seemingly took passages from other famed writers, including the late Charles Bukowski.

And now, the apparently recycled apology:

LaBeouf took to Twitter to attempt another apology on Wednesday morning, and the apologies he sent out also seem lifted from very famous statements, as first pointed out by blog The Film Stage.

He wrote, “I have let my family down, and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart,” which was taken word-for-word from Tiger Woods’ 2009 apology for infidelity.

Then, LaBeouf tweeted, “I was wrong, terribly wrong. I owe it to future generations to explain why,” which former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara wrote in his memoir about the execution of the Vietnam War.


It's winter season in golf. These are the stories you should expect I suppose.


Is there at least one good golfing publication anywhere? Not this site, not golf channel not golf digest. . .they all need to send their entire staffs to journalism school.


Hahaha firstly, I agree with Jim Harris - he is clearly taking the pi** by plagiarising others in his apology for plagiarising. 

Secondly, what the actual hell is this doing on a golf website? What blatant Tiger click-bait. Vomit.


now, just what the hell makes this Golf Magazine, material?


@si_golf people are missing his attempts at irony and/or humor at his run of plagiaristic apologies.

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