Posted December 22, 2013

Miami Heat Wear Masters-Style Green Jackets to Celebrate Back-to-Back NBA Titles


NBA all-star and golf fan Dwyane Wade bought his Miami Heat teammates a Christmas gift to inspire them to win their third-straight NBA title this June: Masters-style green jackets. He posted a picture of the team wearing their new duds on Instagram.

Miami Heat Green Jackets

Dwyane Wade/Instagram

Here’s Wade’s message on Instagram:

I’m in a giving mood… Presented my teammates with a gift of a champion today… Channeling our inner Masters w the green jackets…#Lovemyteam #MastersGolf #wedowhatwewant #grownmenish

Not in the picture: Rory McIlroy, Heat fan and celebrity pal of Wade and LeBron James. Guess he’ll have to get his green jacket on his own.

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