Posted December 23, 2013

Scrooged Over: Indignant Shane Lowry Claims Hotel Barred Him at the Door

Shane Lowry

(Credit: Robert Prezioso/Getty Images)

Shane Lowry arrived in a festive Christmas mood, but the hotel didn’t greet him in the holiday spirit.

So groused the 26-year-old Irish golf star, who, in a series of indignant tweets, claimed that he and his friends were denied entrance at the luxe Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin this week.

As reported in the Irish Independent, what started as a celebratory pre-Christmas evening out soured for Lowry when he and his group showed up at the five-star property.

The hotel, Lowry tweeted, refused to let “my mates and I in.”

Was he barred for the misuse of a first-person pronoun?

Apparently not.

Asked on Twitter why he was refused entrance, Lowry wrote that the Shelbourne does not “let normal people in.”

When another of his followers wondered whether Lowry and Co. had been commemorating the “12 pubs of Christmas,” Lowry replied, “No 12 pubs. Just a few quiet drinks.”

Lowry added that he and his friends had downed only two pints and were barred at the door “because of what we looked like” even though “we looked well enough.”

Lowry punctuated his tweets with the hashtag “kip,” a slang term implying that the hotel is a dump.

Asked by the Independent for the hotel’s side of the story, a Shelbourne representative said that management would not be commenting.

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Just being a golfer does not mean you can open all doors.. Don't make a fuss - just go to the next pub. That is why it is called "pub-crawling".That is the fun of it all. Do not let ego stand in the way. It is the silly season in golf anyway.


I think the Hotel was correct in not letting them in. In their condition they would bring the house down.

Nicholas Boekdrukker
Nicholas Boekdrukker

So what? Its a hotel, which means they are supposed to welcome their guests not make a bloody selection criteria. They can bar people by raising their prices to such a level that only a few can afford it, or close the whole hotel for a private function, but to bar a guest at the front door because of his appearance is a shameful act in the hospitality business.

Glen Byrne
Glen Byrne

He's not exactly a household name. And the Shelbourne is a pretty fancy hotel.


How do you know when a group of young Irismen are lying - 

1 - When they say they had a few quiet drinks

2 - When they say they just had 2 pints 

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