Posted January 08, 2014

Download the USGA’s New Rules of Golf App For Free



In the wake of a year with more than its share of controversy and confusion, a quest for greater clarity on the rules.

Meant for an ancient game, it comes in modern form: the USGA is offering golfers a free and enhanced version of the USGA’s Rules of Golf app, compatible with iOS and Android devices. The new app is intended, the governing body said in a written statement, to “provide clarity to all golfers—pros and amateurs alike–who have rules-related questions as they prepare for the 2014 season.”

Among the app’s features is a smart-search function that allows users to navigate the wealth of information contained in the most recent versions of the Rules of Golf and the Decisions on the Rules of Golf.

The enhancements also include a more efficient process for sharing Rules and Decisions by email, as well as direct links to the USGA’s website,

The USGA says that new features will be added to the app throughout the year, including information on the Rules of Amateur Status.

The app is free and available for download via the iTunes Store or Google Play.

Tom Kawakita
Tom Kawakita

Is it available to download in Japanese AppStore?

Josh Bate
Josh Bate

Yes I know the new rules but, the iPhone has applications built in (gps and specifically wind gauges) making them illegal to use on the golf course

Josh Bate
Josh Bate

As soon as you open the app on your iphone on the course your in violation of the rules of golf

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