Posted March 26, 2014

Golf My F—ing Way: Coach Bob Knight’s Foul-Language Golf Video Outtakes

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Bob Knight

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It felt just like the old days earlier this week when Bob Knight bounced back into the news in a bad way, saying that it’s as if the NBA has “raped” college basketball by drafting young stars before they’re really ready.

His brash commentary brought us back to simpler times, when the hot-headed hoops coach was a reliable headline-maker, berating refs and players from the sidelines and flinging folding chairs across the court.

Knight’s antic were not restricted to the hardwood.

At the peak of his renown, Knight also starred in a golf instructional video that revealed his personality in full color. Be careful if you’re at work, Knight’s language is definitely NSFW.

Chairs aren’t the only things he likes to toss around.

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The Computer Store Owner
The Computer Store Owner

I was once playing a nice course with friends at a nice course and there was Bobby Knight over there in the rough.  One of my friends that was NOT a Bobby Knight fan took the opportunity to yell over to him.  "Hey Bobby, looks like you better stick to basketball".   Bobby WAS NOT amused.  He gave us all one of those long Bobby Knight famous scowl/stares like one of his players would get if he didn't play defense.  Before y'all blast me, I admit it was not good golf etiquette.  I can't always control what comes out of friends' mouths.


Some people like his tough love style of coaching, but the swearing is really a character deficiency.  Someone should make him aware of it and if he a reasonable guy and a gentleman, he would change.


Bobby Knight.  And we think Tiger swears too much.  Has Johnny Miller reviewed this outtake real?  

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