Posted April 09, 2014

Watch Jimmy Fallon Hole His Bunker Shot at Bayonne Golf Club

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See, famous people react to great golf shots the same way us normal folks do.

In a Friday round at Bayonne Golf Club with Mario Batali, Michael J. Fox and Scott Fishman (let’s ignore the motley foursome for the time being), Fallon holed out a bunker shot with the moment caught on camera by Batali.

A brief transcription of the joyous event:

Batali: “I got it! I got it!”

Fallon: “You got that? You got that?!”

Batali: “I got the whole thing!”

Fallon: “I’m so happy!”

It’s hard not to be dubious of videos posted by late-night hosts named Jimmy after Jimmy Kimmel has pulled the wool over America’s eyes not once, but twice. But we will choose to believe in this video’s legitimacy until proven otherwise.

(Video: Tonight Show/Youtube)

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