Posted April 09, 2014

Did Arnie Make a Two? Gary Player Overshares

Arnold Palmer, Gary Player

Arnold Palmer and Gary Player at the Masters in 2013. (Getty Images)

Remember the time Arnold Palmer made a two in Japan? Gary Player does, and quite frankly, it was disgusting.

You can watch the the Black Knight tell the story to Golf Channel in all its gruesome detail on Deadspin.

Ah, Masters week. The trill of birdsong. The thrill of Amen Corner. The buzzkill of Gary Player discussing excrement.

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You guys (commenters, I mean) don't actually think being accurate is a concern, do you?


Seriously, you should update/clarify this story -- or delete it. Rudiger is right: "poep" means "fart" in S. African slang. It's extremely disrespectful to Arnie to even imply that he ever could have done such a thing as "make a two" on a green. (And it was distasteful for Player to have told the story in the first place.)

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