Posted April 14, 2014

Augusta National Raises Masters Prize Money to $9 Million

The clubhouse at Augusta National. (Getty)

The clubhouse at Augusta National. (Getty)

For the first time since 2010, the payout for the Masters has been raised.

The total payout will be $9 million, raised from last year’s $8 million.

After the change, Bubba Watson’s victory will earn him $1.62 million this year compared to the $1.44 million he won in 2012.

The Top 5 earnings:

1st: $1,620,000

2nd: $972,000

3rd: $612,000

4th: $432,000

5th: $360,000

But despite the big payout, the Masters is not the richest tournament in golf. That honor is shared by the Players Championship and the PGA Championship, which each offer a $10 million purse. The U.S. Open purse is $8 million and the Open Championship gives out 5.25 million pounds, about US$8.8 million at today’s exchange rate.

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How much does the Masters give to CHARITY. I never hear anything about it on TV, like I do the other tournaments.


Never forget these men are "professional golfers;" you put the money up and they come to play for it. Lots of guys went home with six-figure checks. The jackets and notoriety are great but the mortgage still has to be paid. It's on to Hilton Head. They smell another pile of cash.

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