Posted June 10, 2014

Will Ferrell Imagines Golf Meets ‘The Hunger Games,’ Picks Jason Dufner to Win U.S. Open


Have you ever felt that golf lacks a certain drama? Style? Crossover appeal?

No? Well, Will Ferrell is on the case anyway. In a series of interviews for, the actor and comedian offered some thoughts on how to improve the U.S. Open viewing experience by reengineering the course so that “golfers have to fight for their lives” just to finish…

…introduced his new line of boundary-pushing golf wear…

…and exposed the identity of the U.S. Open champion the USGA doesn’t want you to know about.

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Will Ferrell and Bill Murray should play together every year in the U.S. Open!


Will Ferrell can be funny. He can also be completely un-funny. As these videos attest.

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